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INAUGURATION INVITATION: AZURE - The Clear Cloudless Sky, Group Exhibition, in CHICAGO, USA

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“The artist is a receptacle of emotions that come from all over the place; from the sky, from the earth to a scrap of paper.” – Pablo Picasso

About the title of the show – Azure

Art is not just a handicraft, it is a transmission of feelings the artist has experienced, it is the flow of thought he thinks, it is the life blood of his imagination, process of bringing to life and that’s why it’s said that the artist belongs to its work and not the work to the artist. It functions like the night-time dreamwork that reworks the experiences of the day, revising them in the service of our desires or simply making sense of them by strengthening meaningful associations and eliminating meaningless ones.

Artsaroma brings forth mystical and enchanting exhibition of Indian contemporary paintings, aptly named “Azure” – rays of light, purplish blue in colour. Just like how every ray shines a little different from other, every artist is a unique individual and every piece of art a unique spectacle. Every stroke of the brush is an epiphany, every colour on the canvas a testimony, and every painting a soulful symphony, because every artist writes his own biography with each painting.

The force behind this exhibition

The exhibition has been brought forward by Artsaroma, an art organisation being headed by Kiran Pundir, who has created a niche for herself as an artist and art curator. She has nurtured this foundation with the love of mother, the precision of a teacher and the spirit of an artist. It is worth mentioning that this is the fifty-sixth exhibition organized by Artsaroma in their 7 years of operational existence. Artsaroma has not only pioneered at showcasing extraordinary art and encouraging new talent through their exhibitions, but also displays art by senior artists and art masters from India & Abroad. Apart from the art exhibitions, Artsaroma also acts as the art consultants for the buyer who like to invest in art. They have also created a team of well-trained designers for all home décor needs.

This exhibition has been curated from the artworks by various artists, belonging to different ethnic backgrounds, cultures, education and experience; a magnanimous feat worthy of praise.

What artworks to expect

Being an exhibition of collection of paintings from various artists, this feat assures to give a new thought with each and every painting that viewer sees. Each painting is a result of every artist’s own experience, thoughts and muses. The show links all the different works together. Where some of the artworks have been inspired from the daily lives, others have been a result of thought. You’ll also see works by some of the very senior artists from India.

Artists being showcased
  1. John Philipose, Title : Untitled, Size : 15.5 inches x 14.5 inches, Medium : Mixed Media on Paper
    John Philipose comes from Kerala, India, combination of an engineer and an artist. As a premier museum consultant in India, he has developed concepts and projects of international stature, with detailed research of over two hundred museums in the world. With unique insights and an in-depth understanding enabling effective decision making and execution of more than 25 museums in India. To explain his artworks, he says “My paintings are an expression of my travels and its landscapes. Passionate about the continuing to rethink nature and enter into a new territory of vision where everything else recedes.”
  2. Amrish Malvankar, Title : Untitled, Size : 10 inches x 10 inches, Medium : Mixed Media on Canvas.
    An architect by profession, Amrish has over a decade of experience in his professional field. A graduate of the prestigious. Sir JJ School of Architecture from Mumbai he has a keen eye for detailing out beautiful and aesthetical designs in his profession. His paintings are a natural extension of his creativity which has now spilled on to the canvas. Having a natural inclination towards the fine arts he excelled in his use of colours across various medium from a very young age. What will catch your eye about his paintings are the unusual mix of colours and medium that he tends to experiment with.
  3. Jayshree Shah, Title : Different Directions, Size : 20 inches x 20 inches, Medium : Digital Print on Canvas.
    As a professional graphic designer, art is always my passion. I have completed my fine art diploma from Rachna Sansad College with Distinction in 2016. Fine Arts really helped me to express myself. My nature of constant introspection made me realize duality in me and the world, which I am showing in my paintings through Mannequins and Indian miniatures. I like to use lots of symbols as well to connote my ideas.
  4. Nikita Mishra, Title : Jaipur Dairy, Size : 24 inches x 24 inches, Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
    Nikita Mishra is artist from Dharwad, Karnataka. Paintings are reflections or shadows of lives on canvas. A painting is what we are. Nikita’s work is a reflection of the first-hand nature's observation and emotions corresponding to the beauty viewed so. One can experience the emotion and feelings taking the colours and shapes on canvas. In the list of milestones, Nikita had an exclusive exhibition at Hubli in November 2015 and several group exhibitions in Mumbai, Delhi, Jaipur, Hyderabad, London.
  5. Pankaj Nigam, Title : Love Street, Size : 24 inches x 24 inches, Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
    Pankaj Nigam’s art is a fusion of art and poetry, emotion and expression, and freedom and conformity. Looking at his art and you feel like being taken through a journey of your soul. His art is full of expression—thoughts, emotions, and feelings. Pankaj Nigam’s paintings are more about one’s inner quest, about the search of one’s own Buddha; one’s journey from within. A state of inner bliss where nothing exists but the quest... the quest to see the beauty of existence…the quest to touch the rhythm of the inner soul…the quest to feel the eternal light within the ocean of conscience.
  6. Surabhi Agrawal, Title : Nature, Size : 14 inches x 8 inches, Medium : Oil on Canvas
    “Nature never fails to inspire. Its palette is filled with infinite hues.” says artist Surabhi Agrawal, while attempting to capture the myriad shades of god’s creation on her canvas, which are also a constant source of joy and challenge to her.
  7. Donga Bujjibabu, Title : Padmapriya, Size : 12 inches x 17 inches, Medium : Acrylic on Paper
    I am an art teacher and believe in creating artists. Art has always been a crucial part of my life. I have worked with Modern School for 20 years and at present I am working with Delhi Public School, Gandhidham. I am a gold medallist and have won many prizes at district state and even at National level.
  8. Dr. Sushil Nimbark, Title : Untitled 2, Size : 12 inches x 9 inches, Medium : Mix Media on Paper
    If someone asks me about my paintings, I would like to say that by some gravitational force, I am forced to move from picture to object from object to nature. I extend within myself. I do not wish to come out of this private surrounding. I enjoy intensely remaining in it I am always eager to discover my inner self. It is a search, a never-ending story in itself. my paintings exhibit exiting and emotional set of events developing beyond the canvas. I layer my world (the time, state or scene of human existence) without any adornments, I like a miniaturist, investigate and research into the secret, unknown and inexplicable mystery & human soul. My style, my manner is gracefully natural and unrestrained I love to play with bright cheerful colures on varied textures.
  9. Harpinder Kaur Virk, Title : Shades of Life, Size : 20 inches x 20 inches, Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
    Mother nature and beautiful creation of Lord (Supreme Power) has always amazed me. This can be seen in my work, as I draw inspiration from them. My perception that flows on canvas includes the feelings and imaginations of unseen faces from my memoir of the places I travel. I liberate the power of desire in human body in a rhythmic way.
  10. Indu Mishra, Title : The Couple, Size : 16 inches x 16 inches, Medium : Acrylic on Paper
    I hold a master’s degree in Drawing and Painting, Dr. B R Ambedkar University, Agra, and have been working as an art teacher for last 7 years. My first exhibition was at State Gallery of Fine Arts in Hyderabad in 2015 and have participated in 5 exhibitions so far. My paintings draw inspiration from the daily lives of couples and I like to paint couples in their nature form along with the nature. I enjoy playing with colors.
  11. Mamta Patel, Title : Accomplishing Art, Size : 18 inches x 18 inches, Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
    The meaning of Art is above creation and removed but when I think the meaning of world art it becomes like a shape from a de-shape form and then its forms different name and with different nature which looks like giving birth to an unborn. The true method of existence of living art or any shape, color, appearance and from including extraordinary appearance by deep thinking through whole heartedly by nature’s success is the creation of Art.
  12. Navneet Kaur Jeji, Title : Abysses, Size : 8 inches x 8 inches, Medium : Photography
    It is said, "Art makes visible." I feel this statement stands true for me when I look at these series of images of the 'Purple Sunbird and its Fancy'. I first came across this bird on a vacation it's colour amazingly contrasting with the vibrant orange of the fire tree. Then, I found it in my own home where it's colour was harmoniously gelled with the purple Jacaranda. I believe nature has such beautiful sights for us if only we took the time to see.
  13. Nutan Bhoraskar, Title : Village Girls, Size : 10 inches x 12 inches, Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
    Nutan has contributed significantly to the development of art skill among aspirant of all ages for the last 33 years in various media she has been a source of inspiration to children and scholars in many institutes. She has published stories and satires in Nai Duniya, Dainik Bhaskar Newspaper and Saras Magazine, Delhi.
  14. PraVin S, Title : Colourful Firelight at 360 °, Size : 20 inches x 20 inches, Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
    I made a entry into field of arts at very early age, pursued fine arts and Participate in all Formal activities (Solo, Group, etc.,) & received appreciation & Recognition (National & International). Worked in films, television, Ads etc., as a professional Multimedia technician Portrayed given "SPECIAL EFFECTS" in India & abroad. Demonstrations in several Schools, colleges & in other Places. Helping & Serving People in various ways. Many Art Enthusiasts from India & abroad have obtained my works. The Source of Inspiration for my creative Art works has always been the material World that I see and the dreams that always appear in my mind. Arts is my life line.
  15. Sarojni Datta, Size : 16 x 20 inches, Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
    Born in Delhi, had an eye for colour and a visual-spatial aptitude since she was a child. Her art teachers in Mater dei Convent School encouraged her and developed her passion for art. Her 1st solo exhibition was at the age of 16 at Triveni Kala Sangam in new Delhi. Henceforth life led her to graduation in Psychology Honours from Lady Shri Ram College for women, and then to marriage with an Air force officer, followed by motherhood and bringing up of her two beautiful children. Painting continued to be her hobby but mostly restricted to orders from friends and family. She paints in all media as per the mood, be it Watercolours, acrylics, oils or pastels. She prefers realism and likes to capture whatever appeals to the eye or touches her heart. An avid traveller, she eternalises memories of places she has visited and people she has seen. She is now in the “golden Years” of her life and is painting to make it the best period of her life by catching up with her childhood aspirations.
  16. Shailesh Parwatkar, Size : 18 x 18 inches, Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
    Shailesh Parwatkar is always attracted to art, since childhood it was his colourful journey with crayons, poster colours n so on. Art teachers had played a vital role in his art carrier. Shailesh is a largely self-taught painter who embraced watercolour so thoroughly for his many landscapes, city-scapes and scenes of everyday life. Shailesh's respect for the possibilities of watercolour encouraged many of his contemporaries to try it as well. Shailesh was interested in the subtler qualities of light and how they could be useful in depicting the places of the Indian experience. India, being a land of diverse cultural tastes and amazing scenic beauty is the favourite spot for artists to outline life-rich paintings.
  17. Shailesh Patel, Title : Mind Stroke, Size : 18 x 18 inches, Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
    Mind has two dimensions introvert & extrovert. It is extremely vast in scope and is on an everlasting journey or abyss. The moment a human being is born. The mind also energies from within the soul. I had the great fortune of having ”The solemn word” and also “ Spiritual Empowerment” ever since my child hood from my spiritual Sadguru Shree Labheshwarnath beginning with the nomenclature ceremony. This has enabled me to understand the minutest of the activities internally. Though the subject is very serious and deep. It has affected my personal development.
  18. Shraddha Rathi, Title : Rama 22, Size : 18 inches x 18 inches, Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
    Sometimes it is the movement of the world around me that inspires me, sometimes it is the stillness of the moment’. Says Shraddha Rathi, artist living and working in Bangalore. Growing up, she studied performing arts and architecture. The blend of the two fine arts prepared her for this path less travelled. Starting with paintings on heritage structures and architecture in 1997 today she has arrived to abstraction, expressing emotions and dynamism through colour. This set of painting reflect the artists immediate engagement with the subject. Her spontaneity can be felt as well as the depth of her feelings for the particular rhythm of the work, which is Still yet at the same time in motion.
  19. Shubha Bahadur, Title : Indian Heritage, Size : 12 inches x 18 inches, Medium : Watercolor on Canvas
    Shubha Bahadur was born and brought up in Delhi. She graduated from College of Art, Delhi in 1979. She specializes in water colours, appreciating the grace and fluidity of the medium. Her passion for traveling took her all over the country, further sharpening her enthusiasm for landscape painting. It also enhanced her already keen interest in history, a passion which is reflected in several of her paintings. Shubha finds that the best way to express her knowledge of places and people aesthetically is through the medium of painting. Hence most of her work here shows history of ancient and medieval India through its beautiful buildings and sculptures. She looks at it, by doting on beauty of stones, hewn or masonry deftly. Through her brush she attempts to capture the essence of that masonry, located in magnificent medieval temples. To quote artist Jatin Das,” when I paint with water colour, I let the water flow and smudge on the paper. I enjoy the process, allowing the unexpected to enter and govern.” Shubha has held a series of solo exhibitions. The most recent one “Interpreting Symphony in Stone” was held in New Delhi in November 2015.
  20. Sulu Mathew, Title : New Dawn, Size : 12 inches x 12 inches, Medium : Watercolour on Canvas
    Sulu began by painting copies of Ravi Varma and Rembrandt in oil on canvas. Later she trained in classical painting, taught in the traditional atelier method at the London Fine Art Studios. Now pursuing contemporary art at Triveni Kala Sangam, New Delhi, she also dabbles in watercolours, fiction, Ikebana and ceramics.
  21. Yakruti Patel. Title : My Thought, Size : 18 inches x 18 inches, Medium : Acrylic on Canvas
    It includes human nature i.e. to paint with it own desire and is named according to different ages and then by the style of any artist but actually painting means creation of images of bondless thinking power from the deep of heart. This is a talk of reality continuous through deep of art and till the origin –art. Till today the work done in the ages are divided by different names. I am able to understand same part of colorful life and so would like to cease grace of God and will meet the original Art.

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